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We also offer the following services:

1. View a grave in Mount Jerome

Should you wish to view the condition of a grave plot in Mount Jerome Cemetery please fill in the column provided in our contact form and we will forward you a photograph of the grave with advice on how to mark, renovate or place a new headstone on it.

2. Languages

We cater for many languages and their associated scripts e.g. Irish, Hebrew, Russian, Polish, Arabic, Chinese, German, French or Spanish, to mention a few.

3. Heraldry and Crests

We supply plaques in marble and granite with any design you wish including sports, crests, hobbies, mottos and motifs.

4. Estate Names, Business Names

We can supply and fit estate names, business names, house names and numbers on granite or marble.


Pet Headstones:

At Mount Jerome we've had many requests over the years from our patrons to assist them in creating a fitting memorial to a beloved pet.

We can also assist you with that, frequently customers ask for a ceramic photo to be applied to the pet's headstone.

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